Our Staff

Senior Leaders

Miss Caroline Hornsby Full- time Headteacher Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Designated LAC teacher

Adult Mental Health First Aider

Mr Matthew Cordes Full time Deputy Headteacher/

Class 1 and Class 5 Teacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Special Educational Needs Coordinator , PE Lead RHSE/PSHE Lead

Adult Mental Health First Aider

Class Teachers
Mrs Bartley Part-time F1 Monday and Tuesday Foundation Unit Manager and Collective Worship Lead Student Mentor

Deputy DSL

Mrs Roberts Full-time F1 Wednesday – Friday

Year 2 Monday and Tuesday

Art and Design/Design and Technology
Miss Chisholme Full- time F2 Geography
Mrs Lucas Part- time Year 1 Year 1 Teacher, Phonics and Religious Education Leader
Mrs Karen Dames Part time Year 2 Year 2, Forest School Lead & Science
Miss Murray Full-time Year 3 Computing

OPAL Co Lead

Mrs Bencherif Part-time Year 4 History
Miss Owens Full-time Year 5 Maths Leader, MFL Leader, Children’s Mental Health Lead, Senior Mental Health Lead and Deputy DSL, Educational Visit Coordinator
Miss Armstrong Full- time Year 6 Reading, Writing, Grammar, English as an additional language and OPAL Co- Lead


Mrs Barbara Johnson Learning Support Assistant
Miss Tansin Fulford Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Maria Molloy Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Veronica Garofalo Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Anna Owen Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Louise Cairns Apprentice Teacher
Mrs Cranfield Learning Support Assistant Apprentice SEND Specialist
Mrs Duggan Learning Support Assistant ELSA Support
Mrs  Ghaboush Learning Support Assistant Translator
Miss  Slawson Learning Support Assistant
Mrs  Mulligan Care/Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Gallagher Care/Learning Support Assistant
Mr Partridge Sports Teaching Assistant
Mrs  Kelley Apprentice TA St Sebastian’s Heart Space lead TA
Mrs  Read Apprentice TA
Mrs Dawson Clerical Assistant
Mrs  Nash Office Manager Admissions/ Enquiries
Mr Jan Bzdok Site Technician
Mrs Ellen Lonergan Midday Supervisor
Mrs Nita Lobban Midday Supervisor
Mrs Jane Greaves Midday Supervisor
Mrs Helen Lonnergon Midday Supervisor
Mrs Janet Pearce Midday Supervisor
Fr Joe Wheat Local Priest