Welcome to Foundation Stage 1/Nursery.

Mrs Bartley (Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday) and Mrs Roberts (Thursday-Friday) are the teachers in FS1 and Mrs Ghaboush is our full-time Teaching Assistant. Mrs Cranfield works with us part-time.

At Sacred Heart, we are committed to providing a high-quality early years’ education and providing the children with a secure and confident start to their school life.

We are fully committed to the purpose and aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

We are fund raising for CAFOD this Lent.

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Foundation Stage Autumn Newsletter 2023

In FS1, all learners experience a broad, balanced and varied curriculum, which is relevant to their stage of development. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which consists of 7 areas of learning, these are: Personal, social and emotional development, Communication and language, Physical development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

To allow your child to have a smooth transition into FS1 here are some activities you can do together in preparation for school:

Making marks
• Make lines and circles with big movements
• Practise holding a pen or pencil and using it to make marks

Counting and numbers
• I like to sing number songs
• I can say some numbers in order
• I use counting words like ‘a lot’, ‘none’ and ‘some more’.

Showing interest in the world
• I like to explore new places
• I am interested in the world around me
• I am starting to ask questions about things I see

Speaking & Literacy
• I like to sing songs and nursery rhymes
• I can talk about myself and my feelings
• I enjoy listening to stories and looking at books

Listening & Understanding
• I can sit and listen for a short time
• I can follow simple instructions

Independence & Self care

  • I can put my own clothes and coat on
  • I can look after my toys and tidy them away
  • I can feed myself using a fork/spoon
    • I can wipe my nose
    • I can use the toilet

Sharing & turntaking
• I like to play with others
• I can share toys
• I am learning to take turns