Our Forest School

What is Forest School?

Forest School is a child-centred inspirational learning process, that offers opportunities for holistic growth through regular sessions. It is a long-term program that supports play, exploration and supported risk taking. It develops confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting. ( Forest School Association).

We are so lucky at Sacred Heart to have such wonderful  grounds to be able to have our own Forest School.  Our environment is being developed but we already have a lovely natural learning circle and our children are enjoying forest school sessions.

If you would like to know more about the history and the pedagogy of Forest Schools please click the link below.


Forest School aims to promote the holistic development of all involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners. Forest School offers learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves.

The Patron saint of foresters is Saint Gualberto.

Our Forest School Leader is Mrs Dames

Year 5 had great fun during their recent sessions. They collected tinder and kindling and lit their own small 5 minute fire! Shelters and rope swings were made in pairs or small groups with children demonstrating cooperation and perseverance. Some enjoyed getting muddy!