Technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation and robotics are changing the way that we live, work and socialise. Schools play a vital role in teaching young people the skills they’ll need to thrive in a digital future, through the national computing curriculum.

The patron saint of computing and programming Saint Isidore of Seville

We use NCCE  to teach computing to our pupils and supplement this with Espresso ( Discovery Education) for coding units.

If you would like any further information regarding the progression in knowledge and skills our pupils gain, please ask in school.

If you would like to look at NCCE and Discovery Education website please see the links below.

Keeping Children Safe – Filtering and Monitoring at Sacred Heart 

At Sacred Heart, we take keeping our pupils safe very seriously.  This includes in the online world. 

We have filtering and monitoring systems in place at Trust and school level to ensure we can filter out as much unsuitable material as possible.  Our staff have all know that if they come across an issue with a device or website, they must report it to a DSL. 

Below , find our procedure and flow chart to report incidents:

1. Filtering And Monitoring Standards For Staff

Our DSL  receives weekly reports which alert us to any suspicious activity  that is acted upon.  SLT termly check the system by searching for particular words using the pupils internet settings. 

We educate our pupils about online safety through all out units. The pupils learn about keeping their details safe, ownership of material, how to report a problem and, importantly that they must report any issues or worries to an adult.  Within our computing Intent, you can see the progression in learning throughout the units so the pupils develop the knowledge to keep themselves and others safe.

Our Computing Year Overview

Our Computing Intent

Our Computing Policy 

Our Computing Work