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Health & Fitness – Claire Regan

The health and well-being of pupils is vitally important. Obesity is a major problem in ill health in children, mainly due to children nowadays going home and playing on computer games and leading sedentary lifestyles with a lack of knowledge on both physical exercise and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. 

Obesity in children is not something we can shy away from nowadays and it is set to become a worsening disaster for adults and children. 

 To stay healthy or to improve health, Children should be doing at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. 

Encouraging children to eat a nutritious, balanced diet early on in life is so important so they get the correct amount of vitamins and minerals in their diet to help them grow and develop optimally. They are more likely to be energised and motivated, supporting their ability to learn. 

Fitness sessions with KS2 have been implemented every Wednesday. 

– I explain to children why a healthy, balanced diet is important. 

– I give them more options to have a varied diet and a healthy relationship with food.

– Fun, fitness sessions for children to participate in.

– Giving children 15 minute plans to do at home and to try and encourage their parents to do it with them.

I measure progress each term by getting children to complete different functional fitness tests. At the beginning of term we will complete the bleep test and re do the test at the end of term to see if any improvement has been made. These tests change every term to keep it fun and varied for the children.  


Lunch time activities with Miss Bowen



Sacred Heart -v- Arnold Town – Tuesday 8 October 2019

The football team were handed an incredibly tough group of fixtures for this year’s competition. They started their tournament with a solid opening 1-0 win over Arnold View. Sacred Heart showed their class as three players linked up with each taking two touches on the ball before it was blasted past the goalkeeper. In the next game we faced Killisick whose keeper made five outstanding saves. We should have won this game by two or three goals but only ended up taking a point and a 0-0 draw. This game showed how we could attack the opposition at any given opportunity and we spent most of the 10 minute match inside their half having corner after corner. Once again the Killisick keeper kept everything out. The final game saw us play Willow Farm and if we could win the game we’d finish top of our group. A stunning free kick from the opposition saw us end our tournament with a 1-0 defeat. In games of 10 minutes it’s often the first team who scores that wins the game and as in the first game we found this to be the case but unfortunately this time ended up on the losing side. The football team played incredibly well in three very close games. Due to the strength of the competition in Group 3 two of the four semi finalists came from our league however, this time around Sacred Heart unfortunately missed out. The children worked really hard for each other as a team and never gave up offering handshakes to all competitors at the final whistle.