Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Contract Sept 18



‘More than just tea & toast’




Breakfast Club: Monday – Friday (term time only)

           7.45am – 9.00am

Contact details:


School Office: 0115 9112117


Dear Parents/Carers

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome children and parents who will use our Breakfast Club as their childcare provision.

We advise you to read the message below carefully. You will need to complete and return Forms A, B, & C if you wish to book a place at the club. They are available at the bottom of these pages to complete at your convenience. Hard copies are available upon request from the School Office.

This contract sets out the terms and conditions of any child attending our Breakfast Club and also secures your child’s place within the club. If these documents are not signed and returned then this could result in your child’s place being delayed or cancelled. It is the club’s right not to accept your child until the appropriate paperwork is completed and signed by the parent/carer of the child.


The information included in the contract is as follows:

  • Information regarding your child’s place, e.g. days and attendance times.
  • Behaviour and Discipline Policy and Agreement
  • Club policy for informing staff if a child is absent from the club.
  • A list of charges which may apply.
  • Squid/payment information. Admission forms need to be completed and returned to the School Office for each child before they attend sessions. Any profits made from this provision will fund future projects in the school. We are committed to providing a high quality childcare provision for all children. Our relationship with parents and children is very important to us and we feel if we can all work together in partnership, then your children will have a happy, fun and safe time at the Club.


The primary purpose of the breakfast club is to support families and their children who need pre-school care.


Getting a Place

Parents can request a place for their child by completing the application form which is available from the school office. Completing an application form does not guarantee a place however, as the club can only accommodate a maximum of 50 children each day.


Times and costs

The breakfast club is open from 7.45am and children are supervised until the start of the school day.

Daily rates: £3.50 per day, per child

Weekly rate: £17.50 per week for 1 child


Payment should be made through Squid for all selected days.


In order to support the cost of staff, payment must be made for selected days even if a child is unable to attend.

The Menu

Fresh fruit juice, toast, cereal (served with semi-skimmed milk) will be available daily. Please inform us if your child has dietary requirements


Breakfast will be served from 7:45am until 8:15am. This is to allow time for the staff to clean and reset the room for the start of the school day. No breakfasts will be served later than 8.15am.

 The Staff

There are three members on staff on duty every day. They are already support staff in the school and know the children already.


We expect the same level of commitment to behaviour in breakfast club as we do the rest of the time. Poor behaviour on the part of the child (which includes, but is not limited to, bullying, verbal abuse or name calling, physical violence, fighting, racial incidents, defiance, rudeness to others, disobedience and deliberate damage to property), or non-persistent incidents of particularly serious behaviour (for example which endangers children or staff) will lead to exclusion from the Breakfast Club.


We expect children’s attendance to be regular. Parents who are sending children by their own request may choose to send children on specified days only but this needs to be arranged by agreement and in advance.

The school reserves the right to decide whether or not pupils attend.

This policy is effective from September 2018

Please inform School Office by telephone if your child is unable to attend their allocated session.

School Office: 0115 9112117