British Values

British Values are embedded within our school’s Catholic values and ethos. To ensure the children have a greater awareness of British Values, we have made a number of changes to our routines to ensure there is greater emphasis on this in order to make it more explicit to our children.

Democracy – School Council, which has been democratically elected by each class of pupils, every year for over ten years at Sacred Heart, is now called the School Parliament. A re-launch assembly, led by SLT, introduced the new title and explained how our school parliament would run and developed an understanding of the democratic society we live in. Elections took place in the early autumn term and two TA’s meet with the SP every half term or more frequently if requested.

Each class has a question box, where all class members can put forward questions, thoughts and ideas to their SP class member. They also meet following PTA meetings, to ensure the Pupil Voice influences the PTA fundraising campaigns and spending.

The local major, Counsellor Meredith Lawrence attended our DARE graduation and has invited the SP to visit him in his chambers in Arnold, which we are currently organising. During the spring term Vernon Coaker is coming into school to meet the SP and deliver an assembly on 29 April. All governors are very welcome to join us.

Rule of Law – Our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policy is review annually and we are currently looking at Pax Christi policy for Behaviour for Learning. Each autumn the classes create their own class ‘Code of Conduct’ which focusses on how they expect to be treated and will treat others. This is then taken home for discussion and forms part of the Home/School agreement, signed by children, parents and class teachers.
They are published in class and on the school website.

Our Catholic ethos, class liturgies and school collective worship and RE teaching fully reflect the Gospel Values and the rules of the church, based around the Ten Commandments. The school motto WWJD? DWJD! Was created by the children, last year, when focussing on their behaviour expectations within our school.

Individual Liberty and mutual respect – Our school mission statement, behavior and anti-bullying policies, PHSE/SMSC and RE all reflect the Catholic ethos, with the love of Jesus at its centre.

Again through our school Catholic ethos and behaviour expectations our children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and learners. Our Sacred Heart Learning Powers, which we introduced this year, are to promote the individual’s personal development, educating the whole child, to achieve their potential. Recognising the uniqueness of every person, created in the image of God.

Our ethos is based around caring for each other, using the example of the Gospel values in determining our school vision and promoted through daily worship, assemblies, codes of conduct, our House system, School Parliament and local/global fundraising campaigns etc. We promote respect for ourselves and each other and recognise and celebrate the uniqueness, diversity and dignity of all God’s community.

All of our community feel safe and have the reassurance of knowing how to seek help when they are concerned or troubled and that their voice will be listened to and all parties will be supported by our community, to resolve disputes and disagreements. This also forms part of our staff handbook and induction training.

Our RE programme, Come and See, promotes a deeper understanding of their own faith development as well as an understanding and awareness of faith and tradition of other religious communities. This year we have welcomed a Jewish Rabi to talk to all classes about the Jewish faith, which a number of Governors attended. Year 3 visited a local synagogue as part of their RE study of the Jewish faith. Within school the children study Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, and Hindu world faiths.