Our Curriculum

Our basic curriculum objectives are to help each child reach his/her maximum potential within a happy Christian environment.

Our aims are:

  • To create a happy, stimulating and caring Christian environment which will herald the message of Christ within the community and where each child will feel confident and secure.
  •  To help children to learn that courtesy, good manners, tolerance and helping each other are essential qualities for life

To teach a command of basic English and the ability to communicate well through the spoken and written word.

  • To encourage an enjoyment of reading.

To develop a sound knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical concepts and operations

To teach skills in handwriting, design and technology and other creative arts.

To develop an enjoyment of physical activities, drama, movement and mime, together with a range of recreational games and skills.

 To encourage an enquiring mind through the provision of a stimulating environment in which both pupil and teacher can develop his/her knowledge, skills and values.