School Parliament

Lily Squires Year 1
Cillian Wheeler Year 1
Liam Conneally Year 2
Charlie Bursztyn Year 2
Eva Fukes Year 3
Luca Rivera Year 3
Elizabeth Shaw Year 4
Michael Macqueen Year 4
Kyran Wiggan Year 5
Nicole Heffernan Year 5
James Macqueen Year 6
Lucia Ash Year 6

Sacred Heart School Parliament

Our School Parliament is one way that we put into practise British (and Christian) values. Each class elects two ‘MPs’ and everyone is entitled to stand, regardless of their race or belief.  We practise mutual respect by listening carefully to the candidates’ speeches, irrespective of whether we agree or not.  Then we democratically elect our MPs: everyone has an equal vote and the candidates with the most votes are elected.  For the rest of that year, the MPs represent their class at the School Parliament; putting forward views and ideas for school rules and mission statement, possible trips, new play equipment and school dinner menu choices.

Monday – 21st March 2016

School Parliament went to visit the Mayor of Gedling at the Civic Centre in Arnold.

Each child received a school councilor pack and they will each share this with their class.

We will receive shortly some Mayor Bear Badges for KS1 and all on the school parliament team.


What they did: –

They travelled on Nottingham City Transport from Carlton to Arnold and all sat upstairs, they got off at Arnot Hill Park and walked up to the Civic Centre. They were shown the Mayors Chambers which they described as big and posh. It had lots of large leather chairs with microphones. The Mayor entered in his red gown, which he wears on special occasions.

After a 30 minute question and answer session they all went through to the Mayor’s Chambers where light refreshments were served.

They then returned back to school using Nottingham City Transport.