Welcome to Sacred Heart

Headteacher’s Message

“A community rooted in love, growing in faith and truth”

Message from Mrs Karen Taylor, Headteacher:

Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary Academy. Our school is part of the Pax Christi Catholic  Academy Trust. We are privileged to teach, happy, highly engaged and motivated children. We consider every one of our pupils to be special, educating the ‘whole child’ is something we strongly believe in. We are therefore committed to delivering a rich and personalised curriculum in order that each child may reach their true potential.

We are at the heart of the Parish community of Sacred Heart and Saint Bernadette’s. In Parish, school and home, we hope to develop the children’s spiritual lives as well as helping them to develop in other ways. The Gospel influences all aspects of school life. Through it, we try to encourage the children to grow as followers of Christ. All children are involved in prayer and regular worship.

We hope to be able to support what you do in your homes, as your child’s first teachers. We will only be successful if we work and worship in partnership.

All parents, family members and carers are welcomed into school, to provide one to one support, participate in trips and fundraising and to join us at services whether in school or in Church.

Mission Statement

At Sacred Heart, we aim to develop a caring Catholic Community based upon the life and example of Jesus Christ, which embraces the life and lives of everyone and everything in our school.

It is through His message of love and forgiveness that children, staff, both teachers and ancillary, parents and governors, preserve the essential Catholic ethos of our school. We aim to assure all children that they are valued and they in turn are encouraged to show respect and value to each other and the community.

Our basic objective is to enable each child to develop a desire and want to strive for excellence and achieve their true potential within a happy Christian environment. Whilst preparing them to take their place in society as well-rounded and responsible citizens with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to contribute to the life and culture of our society

Our aims are:  To create a happy, stimulating and caring Christian environment which will herald the message of Christ within the community and where each child will feel confident and secure;

  •  To help children to learn that courtesy, good manners, tolerance and helping each other are   essential qualities for life.
  • To teach a command of basic English and the ability to communicate well through the spoken and written word.
  • To promote and encourage an enjoyment of reading.
  • To develop a sound knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and operations.
  • To teach skills in handwriting, design and technology and other creative arts.
  • To develop an understanding and a desire for good health and hygiene. This includes the enjoyment of physical activities, drama, movement and mime, together with a range of recreational games and skills, sports competitions and our Healthy Schools programme.
  • To encourage an enquiring mind through the provision of a stimulating environment in which both pupil and teacher can develop his/her knowledge, skills and values. As a result, develop lifelong learners, who when using technology, know how to keep safe and show respect for self and others.


Attendance By Year Group

Overall School Attendance: 91.9%

N2 F2 Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
96.4% 93.3%  94.0%  92%  95.9% 93.5%  95.2%  98%